You can’t pour from an empty cup


Does panic overtake you when you realise you can’t even find the time to write a to-do list, let alone tick things off on it?

Do you worry that your relationship with your kids is being ruined by constant nagging and snapping?

Do you find yourself over-reacting with rage or anxiety to the smallest thing that doesn’t go to plan?


I can help you release all this stress and exhaustion and I can help give you more energy so you can juggle multiple tasks with ease, have fun and feel fulfilled.

“Unwavering Support. That is the phrase that I think of when I recall my sessions with Anna Goodwin. We worked through some of the deep dark waters of Motherhood – guilt, struggle, and overwhelm. I’ll be eternally grateful for the sessions we had together”


Are you a mum who feels like you’re struggling?

Do you feel like there’s just too much to manage? Work, children, family, friends, relationships… It can be amazing just how much we cope with on a daily basis, so it’s not surprising when cracks appear and frantic feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety, panic and stress bubble up.

You are not alone.

But the good news is that this can change.

And perhaps, what’s more, you’re someone who doesn’t just want to be managing all these things. You want to do them with love and a proper satisfying sense of a job well done.

You want to bring out the best in your kids. You want your relationships to be fulfilling. You want your work to be rewarding and successful. And, if it’s not too much to ask, you want to have some actual fun in your life!

And the good news is that all this is possible!


I use a variety of techniques to bring around lasting change fast. They are gentle and yet powerful techniques and can be used for:

  • letting go of stressful memories and stuck emotions
  • reprogramming limiting beliefs
  • helping with bereavement
  • improving peak performances
  • increasing confidence at public speaking

These powerful sessions will not only get to the root of what it is that is making you feel exhausted, stressed and frazzled… but also teach you valuable tools that you can use in your day-to-day life and with your family.

I can help you release all this stress and exhaustion and I can help give you more energy so you can juggle multiple tasks with ease, have fun and feel fulfilled.

“I have learned so much about coping with strong emotions, with how my body and my brain relate to each other and all that with an incredible person caring for you. As a result – I’m coping much better and I can go through life loving myself more” FRANCESCA PREVI.




Have you ever found yourself exploding with rage at your kids or partner over something that, in retrospect, wasn’t actually that big a deal…?

Did you feel a whoosh of anger just take over your body? Perhaps it felt like a bubbling volcano in your tummy exploding? Or a vice grip tightening round your chest? Or a white hot flare erupting out of your head?

Whatever the feeling, did you find it sudden, eruptive and all-consuming? Did it come without warning? Did it feel impossible to think clearly, let alone reason yourself out of it? And did you find yourself afterwards feeling a heavy and unshakeable sense of guilt, shame and disappointment for reacting in this explosive way?

These are ‘blocks’ of energy stuck inside. If they are not dealt with and released, they will simply stay there, waiting to be triggered by another stressful situation.

My techniques will help you to reveal and pinpoint exactly where these blocks and stuck energy crisis.

2. Release

During this stage, we examine the negative thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself and your relationship with the world.

Some of these thoughts will come from your ‘now’ situation – your current life style and the things in it which are contributing to your stress levels.

Other thoughts will come from your past – maybe there was a traumatic incident; maybe there is a pattern of negative events that have formed your attitudes over many years.

We might also examine negative belief systems that you hold about yourself, your relationships or about the world. Some of these will be conscious ones you can easily identify. Others may be non-conscious. Both kinds are very powerful and can affect your behaviour, sometimes without you even realising it. Once we’ve identified them, we can then start to work on releasing them.

Which leads to the final stage…

3. Restore

This is the stage we are aiming for and will be working towards. This is the stage where you achieve harmony and control over your emotions and your reactions to the world around you.

Once you’ve identified the blocks of energy in your body, worked out what beliefs are affecting your behaviour and reactions to the world around you, then you can release them.

Once they are released, you’ll be in a restorative place where you can:

  • connect and communicate better with people
  • build more nurturing and rewarding relationships with your kids and your partner
  • enjoy more energy in your day to day life
  • restore a sense of harmony and connection to your home
  • open up more space and time for you and your family to enjoy your lives more
  • experience a greater clarity of thought and sense of self
  • bring the va va voom back!
“I have become more healthier, more confident – become me again! Being able to do things I never thought I would be able to do and change the way I think about life” KAYLEIGH.

About Anna

We all suffer from life getting too much from time to time. Not least myself, which led me to finding this transformative work about six years ago.

I had two small children, was suffering from a serious lack of sleep and I was teaching in a secondary school – and that was just the start of everything I was having to deal with.

Needless to say, I was hitting the Destruct button in more ways than one.

Uncontrollable anger would engulf me time after time, followed by a crashing sense of exhaustion.

After looking in the mirror one day and not recognising who that person was, I started desperately searching for answers. I tried many different ways to calm the beast inside me and lift the dark cloud off, but none had the lasting transformation that I needed.

But then, the good news, for me and my family, is that I did finally find the tools to help me make those changes.

And two of those tools were EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting.

One of my first sessions literally changed who I was over night and I have thankfully never had to look back.

We do not have to stay stuck and we do not have to put up with how we think things are… We can change things.

We can put the spring back in our step; we can feel back in control of our emotions; we can feel more focused; we can sleep more peacefully and, yes, we can have more freedom, more energy and more fun


I am an advanced practitioner in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and a Matrix Birth Reimprinter. I am also trained in Wingwave® (incorporating EMDR – waving) combined with muscle testing (similar to Kinesiology).

I offer 1-2-1 coaching at my consulting rooms in central Brighton (UK) in the heart of the North Laine. I also work on Skype with clients internationally from the comfort of their own home.

“My son had one of his screaming fits, and for the first time ever, I did not feel consumed with anxiety and was actually able to help him” JODIE.

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