How EFT can help ‘Highly Sensitive People’ (HSP) or Children

Having just read this Guardian article on HSP (Highly Sensitive People) , it reminded me of my some of own issues and how EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) has helped me. Too often in life I have felt too emotional, too sensitive, too responsible, taking life too literally, and many a time told ’not to let it bother me’ or ‘take it too seriously’. Having a highly sensitive temperament can at times feel like a real burden or even a curse.

EFT can be helpful here, bringing awareness to the way we observe the world, and allowing a release to bring in new possibilities of how being a HSP can be a real blessing.

If you have children who this resinates with there is a good test that Dr. Aron has on her website – Test

Highly Sensitive People  – Telegraph

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