Introducing ‘Bruno’ the Tapping Bear!

Tapping bears and dolls are a wonderful way of helping small children benefit from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), with remarkable results in a range of situations from schools to hospitals. Children can transfer strong feelings to the bears/dolls and effectively distance themselves from what is overwhelming and side step the logical brain. The bears/dolls have buttons or dots sewn onto the EFT tapping points and are perfect for both teaching EFT to young children and for the tapping process itself. Surrogate tapping is astonishingly effective and allows the Meridian Tapping to work its’ magic in a comforting and indirect way.

Young children are often willing and keen to help others, and when tapping on a bear/doll can highlight and tackle their own problems in a roundabout way. Other benefits may include building better relationships between you and an uncommunicative child, lowering resistance to what could be a strange and unfamiliar process, and working with children with disabilities.

At ‘Feel Better Buddies‘ see here how this grandpa helps his granddaughter get over her fear of bugs –   Video

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