Radio Interview

Loved doing the Brighton Business Show – RadioReverb show in May. Such a privilege to be helping so many mums transform themselves and their families – so they can have more freedom, more energy and more fun. If you want to take a listen it’s from 24mins. x

How we talk about emotions with our children?

Introduce emotional skills before they are needed  Whether we are helping children to deal with pain, social worries, learning blocks or stressful situations, teaching our children to talk about their emotions is one of life’s lessons worth practising. It might be good to remember that talking about emotions is a skill… whether you find it … More How we talk about emotions with our children?

Lion’s Heart Books -EFT for Younger Children

Tanya De Villiers, founder of EFT Elite, has produced these lovely children books from the ‘Lion’s Heart Series’ to help our little ones release anger and hurt. They are great to read as a story but also act as a guide to help us as with language and teaching.  ‘Let Go And Grow’; which is the first of these two books, … More Lion’s Heart Books -EFT for Younger Children

How Tapping Works – Animation

A lovely little animation by  Peta Stapleton (Bond University, Australia) and Glenn Mackintosh  on explaining the probable effect of ‪‎tapping‬ /‎EFT‬ (Emotional Freedom Techniques)on the brain. The example given here looks at food and weight but it can be applied to many areas of our lives. How Tapping Works

How Tapping (EFT) can transform a classroom.

This is a wonderful short video from ‘The Tapping Solution’ on how a school teacher in the US has transformed her classroom with EFT/tapping (emotional freedom technique). Hearing the teachers and pupils talk about the changes they have experienced is exciting and encouraging. Teachers report decreased stress and anxiety levels  – which resulted in less … More How Tapping (EFT) can transform a classroom.