Introducing ‘Bruno’ the Tapping Bear!

Tapping bears and dolls are a wonderful way of helping small children benefit from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), with remarkable results in a range of situations from schools to hospitals. Children can transfer strong feelings to the bears/dolls and effectively distance themselves from what is overwhelming and side step the logical brain. The bears/dolls have buttons or … More Introducing ‘Bruno’ the Tapping Bear!

Bond University. EFT in schools study.

Bond University in Australia with Dr. Peta Stapleton, have released their findings of a tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) study in schools. Their research is featured in Education Review this week (radio and print). They report how effective EFT is in reducing exam stress in the grade 10 students they worked on. They taught EFT to … More Bond University. EFT in schools study.

How EFT can help ‘Highly Sensitive People’ (HSP) or Children

Having just read this Guardian article on HSP (Highly Sensitive People) , it reminded me of my some of own issues and how EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) has helped me. Too often in life I have felt too emotional, too sensitive, too responsible, taking life too literally, and many a time told ’not to let … More How EFT can help ‘Highly Sensitive People’ (HSP) or Children