Read about Anna’s work with The Prince’s Trust Team program.


Name: Henrietta Valler-Still
Profession: Team Leader, The Prince’s Trust

Reason: The young people we work with are sometimes quite vulnerable or come on our programme with mental health issues or things that have restricted them from engaging well in other educational programmes in the past. I like to take a more holistic approach with my learners and support them as best as I can in both completing their qualification along with their personal development. Often they have negative experiences to the services that are offered by NHS or CAMHS and that’s when I contacted Anna about supporting my learners in a way that was wholly unique to them.
Outcome: Anna had a working relationship with me which meant that we were supporting our students to look after their wellbeing and safeguarding. However, there was still a confidential relationship between the learner/client and Anna. This meant that the outcomes were less visible but did have a positive impact on them on a personal level. One student particularly responded well and experienced a real positive shift in terms of some of her memories and resentments towards family members.

I would definitely recommend Anna to work with others, adults and young people alike.